Roasted Delicata Squash


  • 1 Medium Delicata Squash
  • varied Olive Oil
  • varied Himalayan Salt


  1. Slice Delicata Squash in the center into 2 halves.

  2. Scrape the seeds out with a spoon.

  3. Slice in moon slices 1 inch thick.

  4. Drizzle with olive oil and place on parchment paper into preheated oven at 400 degrees

  5. Cook for 15-20 mins or until soft but firm.

  6. Sprinkle with salt and enjoy! 

Recipe Notes

You can also cook the seeds! Separate seeds from the juicy lining. Mix with olive oil, cumin, garlic, salt and pepper in a bowl. Place on parchment paper and cook for 5 mins in oven at 400 degrees. You can also season them with coconut sugar and cinnamon for a sweeter snack. Enjoy!