What You Should Know About Toxins + 3 Places to Quickly Reduce Your Toxic Load

The word, “Toxin” can trigger all kinds of thoughts for each of us. So let me define it. My reference to toxins in this post refers to anything that is a poisonous substance or by-product from living organisms or a synthetically made substance that cause interruption or damage to the body’s cellular function and threatens the body’s state of health.

Toxins can be understood as exogenous or endogenous.  Exogenous means that something from outside of the body is effecting the body in a negative way. Examples of exogenous toxins are MSG, aspartame, environmental toxins, recreational drugs, over the counter drugs, or certain substances found in personal care products or common household products. Examples of endogenous toxins are by-products that are formed within the body from overgrowth or undesired form of yeast, fungi, bacteria and sometimes parasites.

The good news is that no matter where our body is getting toxins from, it is made to eliminate them! The body starts by eliminating toxins through it’s main channels of elimination. This includes the urinary tract, colon, lungs, skin,  nose and ears. Often we are alarmed at rashes on the skin or coughs that develop after a cold, but these are primary ways the body can help relieve toxins.

The body is always seeking to eliminate toxins in the safest pathway that protects and preserves the most important tissues of the rest of the body. If the pace at which the toxins are coming in exceeds the pace at which it can eliminate them, then your body has no choice but to store them.

Your body’s first place to store toxins is in your fat tissues. The fat tissues are less vital to your immediate health and so it is first choice for storage. Symptoms of toxic overload stored in fat tissue could result in cysts, lipomas or benign tumors. The body may also store toxins in the myelin sheath which is the fatty protection or insulation around the nerve cells. Sometimes this can cause chronic headaches.

If the body continues to receive more toxins than it can eliminate and store in fatty tissue, then it will choose connective tissue to store toxins. (Ligaments, bones, blood, muscle and nerve tissue) This kind of storage will cause more visible issues for the body, but short term it is less debilitating. One might experience joint pain, bone pain and blood-related challenges.

Long term storage of toxins will eventually lead to the cell membrane and inner-lumens of the cells. If enough cells become toxic, you may experience organ or glandular dysfunction such as thyroid issues, congestive heart failure, kidney failure, liver problems and disease.

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells.  Those cells create tissues that create organs that create systems in our body.  If toxins overload the membrane of the cells and get to the nucleus of the cell it will begin to affect the DNA of the cell and causes the cells to become dysfunctional.  Many doctors believe that this is what leads to malignant growths in the body.

We can not avoid every toxin that exists around us, but you can look at 5 areas of your life to begin reducing the toxic load on your body. I help many of my clients look at their ‘toxic load’ and reduce and eliminate what they can. It has made huge changes in their overall health and wellness.

Consider these 3 places to reduce your toxic load quickly. They do not cover all toxins that we are exposed to, but will help you start in the right direction for reducing your toxic load.

3 Places to Reduce Your Toxic Load


1. Your FOOD

When it comes to the food we eat, we have to understand that food has been given to us to nourish our bodies. It matters what we put into our system. If we feed ourselves toxins, our bodies will have a higher toxic load. If we feed ourselves clean food, our body will be clean.  It is as simple as that.

The reason you can eat toxins without always experiencing immediate consequences, is because the body is always seeking to eliminate them. The food coloring in a cupcake may seem like just a small thing, but if you continue to eat foods that are processed with preservatives and produce that is sprayed with chemicals, eventually your body will get to the long term state of storage and be forced to move toxins into places that will cause long term cellular dysfunction.

The process is slow, but is happening daily.  The best way to avoid pesticide chemicals is to purchase organic foods.  The easiest way to avoid controversial ingredients is to 1. Read the ingredients, not the labels. If you can’t pronounce it, avoid it. 2. Choose food with 5 ingredients or less 3. Eliminate sugar 4. Cook your food fresh, rather than depend on packaged goods. (even organic packaged goods)

Read more here and here.

See controversial ingredients you want to avoid here


Dr. Epstein, former head of the Cancer Prevention Coalition said, “It is more dangerous to put a product on your skin than to eat it. When a toxin enters our skin, it goes straight into our blood stream within 26 seconds. Do you know that the average woman leaving her home has already been exposed to 168 toxins just through her daily household and beauty products? (www.ewg.org)

There are only 11 toxic chemicals that the USA has banned from products, while Europe has banned over 1300! The last law passed regarding limitations with beauty product ingredients was in 1938. There are no laws with labeling to define “natural”.  If you see ingredients like “fragrance, parfum or perfume” in your household products, that is a catch all word to hide undress of ingredients.  Phthalates are known endocrine disruptors and is one of many hiding behind the word “fragrance”.

A few things you can start doing are 1. Read the ingredients on your products and become aware. 2. To begin the shift, start with the products you use on your head and replace one by one. (I started with my shampoo and then moved to cleaning products) and 3. Read more about toxins in our household products here and here.

Because we can’t feel, taste or smell many household toxins at first contact, it is important that we understand them and prevent or reduce our exposure to them. I will share more about what ingredients to avoid as well as resources with you ahead. 

Ready to make a shift? Purchase non-toxic products at my Pure Haven Essentials site today!

3. Your WATER

In the USA, it is estimated that we pour 350 million gallons of shampoo down the drain.  Our wastewater treatment plants are designed to remove bacteria, not toxic chemicals. So every day, contaminated water goes back into our water  supply. We also have pharmaceuticals and other cleaning chemicals that circulate into our water supply. Heavy metals and fluoride are also found in our water and are believed to cause disruption to our endocrine system.

One of the best water filters for your water is a Berkey Water filter. They will help you calculate what size you need on their website and have filters for both heavy metals and fluoride. Propur water systems are also excellent!

If you took the money you may spend at a cafe or out to lunch twice a week and saved it for 4 months, you would be able to buy a water filter. Staying hydrated is so important but many people do not like the taste of water.

I often tell them, it is because you don’t know what real clean water tastes like. If you did, you would drink it all the time!  Filtering your water can eliminate a lot of toxins and is worth the investment in your health long term. See more here.


Need help navigating these things? Have more questions? Contact me here for more information.




Kimberly Stewart
Kimberly Stewart

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