The 5 R’s of Health to Give You Fresh Thoughts In The New Year

1. Rebalance Your Priorities

As the New Year approaches, you will find many things grabbing for your attention. Before you say “yes” to a new look, new workout, new diet or new career, take some time to think about your priorities.

I did this before Christmas season hit in September and it helped me to make the most of my time and walk down aisles without letting every call to purchase get me to spend my dollar beyond my means. Setting priorities actually gives you freedom amidst the world around you that will cry out for your attention every day.

There is a great rock illustration that can help you think through what is most important. The American lifestyle gives “urgent” calls to us every day demanding our attention.  You have to know who you are, where you are going and what is most important to battle against the calls of urgency around you.

All humans we are made in the image of God and have value beyond other created things. We all have a unique way of living out that purpose and one person’s urgent call is another person’s wast of time. Spend and invest in a life that you would not want a vacation from.

Knowing your priorities in and out of seasons will help you dismiss the urgent calls that do not apply to you. You simply just need to do your part and nothing more.

New year is a merciful space to look and evaluate what is going well and what changes need to be made. Embrace the process of change and set what is most important in front of you again. This will allow you to do and be more.

2. Repair with the Basics

Health is often something we try to fit into our current occupied spaces. However, the truth is that without investing in our health every day, we can’t live out our purpose.

Our bodies are not machines, they house our soul and allow us to live out our purpose here on earth. As January approaches you will be inundated with calls to fit a diet or exercise plan into your current busy rhythms. What many don’t tell you is that these cheap calls are only going to help you in the short term and leave you lost or in an identity crisis of failures long term.

Take advantage of the new year and it’s mercies to move towards change, but embrace the real process of change. Your current rhythms were not formed over night and your journey towards change will not be either.

Return to the basics to help you adjust your current spaces and allow long term habits to become a part of your every day life. Drinking water, walking, eating real food, sleep and slowing down will produce more long term change for you than any 30 day diet plan.

3. Restore and Slow Down

Have you ever stopped long enough to be aware of your thoughts, process your feelings or engage in a meaningful conversation with a stranger? If you do not slow down to acknowledge the real things driving you in your life, you will miss life altogether.

We have to take time to pause and think, pause and feel, pause and speak. Life is not a perfect bubble of goodness. We are made up of many experiences that are both live giving and life draining. We have to stop and pause and invest in restoring our health for our body, mind and soul.

As the New Year comes, take some time and space to become aware and awake about your thoughts, your challenges, your emotions and your needs. Take a break from social media or unhealthy relationships. Seek out truth for your soul. Let food slow you down or a good book help you to rest from the day.

Slowing down does more for our long term health than we give it credit for. It is worth it and may be the very thing that steers you in the right direction of healing and restoration for the new year ahead.

4. Remove the unnecessary

We often pile routines, rhythms and rituals on top of each other as they come our way. We don’t stop and think about removing one thing in order to do another. Having a “do it all” mentality will not give you more time or capacity to do it all. It will exhaust you.

As we pause to think about our priorities and slow down to be sure of where we are going, we have to look at what in our life is unnecessary. We have to wake up and think about everything we are engaging with and what we are saying yes to.

Removing the “unnecessary” is a key process my clients walk through. This includes removing toxins in their daily routines, relationships or household and beauty products. It involves recognizing pressures that come from failures in the past and adjusting the schedule that outweighs their capacity.

My clients and I find freedom when we remove the unnecessary things from our lives that hinder our growth, our healing or our life giving path forward. Taking time to remove thoughts, toxins, systems, medicines and lies from your life will allow you to enter the new year with more freedom than you could ever image! Don’t be afraid to remove the unnecessary!

5. Replace with what is necessary

As you work through the 5 Rs of health, this last one is all about healing. As you move forward to enter freedom, you can only live that out as you embrace what IS necessary.

Your soul needs truth about who created you, why you were created and how to walk through suffering and live out hope, faith and love here in this broken world.  You need people who will walk with you and stand with you and challenge you.

Your body needs real food to nourish your cells, you need holistic ways to care for your body medicinally. You need to be present and make health a daily routine rather than a distant short term hit of inspiration.

As you move through evaluating your life, you may find that you need help or someone to point you in the right direction.  I am here to help. I am a health coach and will be your biggest fan towards long term transformation. Contact me today for a free consultation and see how health can simply be a life giving part of your every day routine!

Happy New Year and may this year lead you to more health and freedom to live out your purpose!




Kimberly Stewart
Kimberly Stewart

I am a wife, mom of 4, friend and neighbor and understand how hard it can be to implement health in our busy lives! I am an Integrative Holistic Health Coach and passionate about empowering others towards wellness in their everyday lives!