Quinoa Rejuvelac: Your Daily Enzyme and Probiotic Drink for Everyday Health

Refuvelac is a probiotic juice made from sprouted grains. It is a non-alcoholic fermented beverage that has beneficial bacteria and enzymes that aids in digestion.

I was introduced to this beverage from Optimal Health Institute about 45 minutes outside of Austin. They specialize in helping people work on healing at the deepest level.

My family and I started this drink as a way to get probiotics and enzymes into our daily routine without spending a fortune on supplements. I have seen the benefits of taking supplemental probiotics and enzymes but really wanted to find a budget friendly way of getting this in our daily routine.

I use this recipe and make it about 2 times a week. We drink it first thing in the morning upon getting up on an empty stomach. The taste is truly tolerable when you use quinoa.

What I love about this fermented drink is that the process is easy! Also, it doesn’t contain the added sugars that some fermented drinks contain.

Rejuvelac also contains protein and complete B complex vitamins as well as C, E and K. You can also add this in smoothies or with other beverages.

Whether you are trying to heal your gut or just looking for an inexpensive probiotic and enzyme for the whole family, I highly recommend this quinoa rejuvelac beverage!

Start out drinking 2 oz in the morning on an empty stomach and then 2 oz 10 minutes before each meal. You can drink as much as you want in between meals but would need at least 6 oz a day to see some benefits for optimal healing.

Quinoa Rejuvelac



1 Cup Quinoa (I use the organic tricolor from Trader Joes, but you can use any kind of organic quinoa)

2- 32 oz Mason Jars (with lids)

1 small piece of Cheese Cloth

2 Rubber bands or 2 rims of mason lids

Filtered water (for rinsing and 6 cups for culturing)

Day 1

Before going to bed, place 1 cup of your quinoa in one mason jar. Fill it with water until it covers the quinoa. Cover with cheese cloth and secured with an elastic band. Place it in the pantry or dry dark place overnight.

Day 2

Drain the quinoa through a colander and rinse it throughly. Place the quinoa back into the glass jar. Cover it with cheese cloth and turn the jar on its side in a small bowl, with the back raised to allow any water to drain. Store it by the kitchen sink. Every time you come back to your sink, rinse your quinoa. Run water through the cheesecloth and tip over to let drain and then place it back on its side in the bowl to continue draining. (Do this 6-8 times)

You will begin to see the quinoa sprout when you see small white tails appearing on the grain. Rinse your quinoa one last time before bed and set it up to drain in the bowl overnight.

Day 3-5

Today you will culture the sprouted quinoa! Separate the sprouted quinoa in half and place it in 2 clean glass jars. Pour 3 cups of water into each jar and cover with a clean cheesecloth and secure it with rubber bands. Place the jars back in the pantry for 2 days. The water will turn cloudy and white. This is the fermentation process! On the morning of day 5, strain the liquid into a clean jar and discard the quinoa. Store your rejuvelac in the refrigerator to drink daily!





Kimberly Stewart
Kimberly Stewart

I am a wife, mom of 4, friend and neighbor and understand how hard it can be to implement health in our busy lives! I am an Integrative Holistic Health Coach and passionate about empowering others towards wellness in their everyday lives!