6 Month Program



6 Month Program Steps

Step 1: Complete an online health history

Step 2: Set up a free consultation

Step 3: Sign up for personal health coaching and get started on your goals. (Get goal sheets and Primary Foods assessment activity)

Step 4: Begin transformation with 6 month program

Program investment is $ 200/mo.

If clients desire to pay for the program up front, there will be a $200 discount.


Month to Month Detailed Program description


Month One: Set your goals and begin the shift

Sessions: Week 1, 2 and 3

Focus on understanding rebalance

Healthy Habit #1 Hydration

  • Articulate with clarity your goals for the next 6 months using the “lighthouse mentality”
  • Identify barriers that keep you from accomplishing your goals
  • Identify and implement new strategies that personal work for your success
  • Understand the importance of primary and secondary foods
  • Observe what truly nourishes your body, mind and soul.
  • Identify 1-2 people to support you over the next 6 months


Month Two: Eating Real, Clean Food

Sessions: Week 2 and 3

Focus on replacing

Healthy Habit #2 Cooking your food

  • Grocery Tour to health food store
  • Learn and apply reading ingredients vs labels and what to avoid
  • Observe current relationship with food
  • Cooking with simple steps to personal success
  • Learn about macro and micro nutrients, the importance of healthy fats and how minerals play a key role into your health
  • Understand how herbs and greens act as nutrient dense foods for your whole health.
  • Deconstruct cravings and learn how to listen to your body.


Month Three: Planning for Life and Nourishment on a Daily Basis

Sessions: Week 2 and 4

Focus on repairing

Healthy Habit #3 Meal Planning

  • Explore meal planning and how to transition daily rhythms of healthy eating
  • Incorporate colorful foods into meal prep
  • Learn about local farms, organic foods and the importance of non-gmo foods
  • Take inventory of your sugar intake and address necessary changes
  • Understand what resources can support your continued learning
  • Understanding the food industry in order to empower your food choices
  • Look at your time and schedule. Do you have fun, life-giving nourishment? Clients will be challenged to look closely at what nourishes them and to reject what does not.
  • Reevaluate your goals at half-way point and reorient your road to success


Month Four: Exchanging the Old for New

Sessions: Week 2 and 4

Focus on removing

Healthy Habit #4 Movement

  • Pantry makeover
  • Using the “Tree Illustration” you will  understand how beliefs effect your behaviors and accomplishments
  • Keep a log of gratitude and thankfulness thoughts
  • Use the “Making Changes” document to identify time and energy in spaces lived
  • Explore your current relationships, career and finances in regards to what is healthy
  • Take a “Daily Do” inventory observing what you do every single day.
  • Explore Your Iphone, social media, computer and television usage . Finding life outside of these spaces is extremely important for whole health.
  • Discover how “failure” is a mercy that leads to opportunity and learning.
  • Understand how important it is to be “awake” in life rather than living on the autopilot of demands.


Month Five: Food as Medicine and Life with Purpose

Sessions: Week 2 and 4

Focus on restoring

Healthy Habit #5 Sleep

  • Learn about gut health, the difference in cleansing and nourishing foods and how to assess what your body needs support in.
  • Learn how important sleep is and practice “Landing the Plane” to get optimal sleep.
  • Continue working on your “Making Changes list” and practice identifying barriers and new strategies towards those changes.
  • Look at how spirituality is a part of your health as you look more closely at their beliefs about yourself and the world around you.
  • How is your generosity? clients will discover how giving of themselves and resources will bring them joy and purpose


Month Six: Moving Forward

Sessions: Week 2 and 4

Focus on future health

Healthy Habit #6 Mindfulness

  • Learn how supplements and holistic practitioners can help and support your journey
  • Learn how to be an advocate for your own health
  • Learn about toxins and the environment
  • Learn how to pace yourself long term over each year and season of your life
  • Learn the importance of continued learning and conscious relaxation
  • Share with others and begin teaching what you have learned with those around you
  • Look at “Primary circle” compared to the beginning to celebrate your accomplishments
  • Set new goals for your next journey ahead
  • Practice celebrating your accomplishments


Ready to explore your next step in your journey towards a healthier you? Fill out this online health history and set up your free health consultation today!