6 Halloween Treat Ideas to Make You the Favorite House for Trick or Treat

I can’t believe it is October here in Texas. My kids are already talking to me about the costumes they want to wear for Halloween. We seem to do something different each year, like a fall festival, trick or treating with friends, passing out candy and watching a movie. Sometimes we avoid the whole candy dilemma altogether and have dinner with friends.

I love the book parade our school does each year and it actually helped me start to think through alternatives to this holiday. I love traditions and holidays but I hate the candy binge or the candy purge that many struggle with around Halloween.

I have always been honest with my kids about sugar. Sugar is not a battle in our home anymore, we simply make wise choices and have fun alternatives!

Whether you are a candy binger or candy purger, I thought I would share these 6 treat ideas that will make trick or treating a fun event for everyone! I was inspired by Lisa Leake as I watched her suggest halloween alternatives.

1. Pass out Fun Drinks

When we are going door to door, we often forget about drinks. Everyone passes out candy, but what about drinks? You can use small spring water bottles and decorate them with fun stickers or choose a juice option that is not going to leave a parent battling a kid at the end of the evening.

Some juice options include: Honest Juice, VitaCost Kids juice or Little Me Tea. When looking for juices, you are not just looking for 100% juice, but also if there is any added sugar or preservatives. You want to avoid those ingredients.

2. Pass out GLOW Sticks!

Whether it is dark when you are shopping for candy on Halloween or dark when you are done, the glow sticks are a great fun option for all ages and will last you longer than halloween night. This is avery budget friendly option as you can get a tube with 15 sticks for under $5.

3. Boxed beans or fruit

You can choose delicious fruited alternatives that don’t have any preservatives or corn syrup added. YumEarth has fruit gummy options that come in many flavors. Trader Joes has a great jelly bean option. Boxed Raisins or dried fruit and Z Fruit are great options as well. Some are prepackaged but you can also purchase snack bags and pack a fun treat with these alternatives. One year we passed out small mandarin oranges and kids loved them!

4. Pass out unique prizes

Another fun idea is to purchase spider rings, stickers, balls or paper airplanes for kids to pick out when they come to your door! You can get these inexpensive prizes from Target, Oriental Trading or Hobby Lobby Stores. Start looking now and pick up some treats each week and you will have a stock to pass out come Halloween!

5. Choose Safe Candy

Candy is still something that can be enjoyed, just make sure that it is safe for kids. When I say “Safe”, what I mean is that it is free of GMO’s, Corn Syrup, Preservatives or artificial colors. All of these things are linked to many problems among kids. You don’t know if the kid at your door has a food allergy or sensitivity, so make a wise choice for kids before they arrive.

Options for safe candy  that tastes delicious, is a candy called UnReal. You can check out their website to find locations. This is one of my kids favorites and they only get it on halloween so it makes it super special and a fun tradition! Most Targest or CVS stores will have it in the candy section.

Dark Chocolates and Honey Peppermints from Trader Joes are all yummy options. Yum Earth has wonderful candy options to consider. They are packed with Vitamin C too!

6. Call in the Switch Witch

I learned of this poem from Lisa Leake who has a popular blog with great food helps. If you skip out on passing out candy but are still concerned about the big bag of sugar that your kids will come home with, call on the Switch Witch  and she will switch the candy bag for a prize.

I personally paid my kids $5 for their bag of candy last year because I did not have time to prepare anything. They took it with no problem and I fixed them some brownies to enjoy. They did not feel sad at all and had a blast!

There are some dentists who will buy your candy from your kids and this is a good option. Just make sure and ask the dentist what they are doing with the candy. I was not happy when I found out one time that candy was going to Haiti, where my son is from, to give to the children. The children in Haiti always get the leftovers of the US and candy is the last thing undernourished children need. Make a wise choice that effects others, not just yourself.

Hope these have helped you brainstorm as you prepare for a fun time October 31st. Don’t worry about the sugar, just do something more fun!






Kimberly Stewart
Kimberly Stewart

I am a wife, mom of 4, friend and neighbor and understand how hard it can be to implement health in our busy lives! I am an Integrative Holistic Health Coach and passionate about empowering others towards wellness in their everyday lives!