5 Practical Steps To Start Getting Healthy Now

So many of my clients as well as most people I know, have a common desire: To be healthy and live happy, long lives without disease. However, the statistics for us and especially for our children’s generations do not look like that is even possible.

What affects our health have several aspects in common, most can be managed by us if we choose. They are: nutrition, environmental toxins, genetics and lifestyle. Identifying these factors allows us to look at where to start to reverse the inevitable odds mentioned above.

Where can YOU start?

Step 1 – Reduce Toxins as much as possible

  • Use non-toxic cleaning products for your home, office, and car
  • Stop using microwaves
  • Get a filter for your drinking/cooking water
  • Use stainless steel, cast iron, or glass cookware
  • Use Natural and Mineral based skin products (www.beautycounter.com, www.badgerbalm.com)
  • See your mercury safe dentist regularly


Step 2 – Add in Quality Nutrition

  • Hydrate your body by drinking water daily- At least 50% of your body weight in ounces (100lbs=50oz water daily)
  • Eat Organically (to avoid GMO’s and ensure the least amount of toxins)
  • Eat REAL food (Organic Grassfed meats, fat and butters, milk, Bone broth and Organic fruits and Veggies)
  • Fast everyday (from 8pm until 6am) to help your system detox and restore


Step 3 – Avoid the unnecessary

  • Avoid GMO products of all kinds (Canola, Corn, Cotton, Sugar and Alfalfa)
  • Avoid controversial ingredients (artificial ingredients, food coloring, Monosodium Glutamate MSG, artificial sweeteners and refined sugar, sodium nitrate)
  • Avoid fast food that is not locally sustained
  • Read ingredients on packaging! If the first 3 ingredients include sugar, choose something else! If you can’t pronounce it or know what it is, choose something else.


Step 4 – Start with Natural Products to treat illnesses


Step 5– Consider your Primary Foods: Rest, Exercise, Reduced Stress, Relationships and spirituality

  • Sleep long and well! Turn off the electronics and read a book before going to bed
  • Walk more!
  • Say no to the unnecessary task
  • Look at your relationships and spirituality when considering your whole health
  • See me for a free Health History and consider how I can help empower you to think holistically about both Primary and Secondary foods in your life to live to your fullest potential. CLICK HERE to set up an appointment!






Kimberly Stewart
Kimberly Stewart

I am a wife, mom of 4, friend and neighbor and understand how hard it can be to implement health in our busy lives! I am an Integrative Holistic Health Coach and passionate about empowering others towards wellness in their everyday lives!