5 Reasons You Need A Health Coach

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I am an Integrative Holistic Health Coach. I live in Austin, TX and although there are many innovative approaches accepted in regards to health in my city, a Health Coach can still be confusing. My journey as a health coach started years ago when I discovered the realities about health in America.

Since my mother’s diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 12 years old, I have always had an interest in health. I watched a disease and more diseases take my mom from me and my family. I was always touched by her endurance and hope as she suffered, but I was never satisfied with the results or explanations around her many diagnosed illnesses and kept looking for better answers.

With a business degree and a heart for health, I set out for nursing school and life in another country to help others at the age of 22. My journey led me other places and I found myself married, with a young child and one on the way as I witnessed my mother take her last breath. Multiple sclerosis, depression and cancer claimed my mom’s life and left me in a dust of confusion.

Over the next few years, with the help of my husband, the gospel truth and many friends, I began to walk my own health journey towards healing. My dear friend, Wendi Combes, also went through a transformation as a Nurse and I am so thankful to the clarity she has helped me with throughout my journey.

Fast forward many years and 4 kids later. I was not only navigating health for my own life, but for the lives of others. I began to read about the health stats for my kid’s generations.

Not only were diseases a statistic before they would get out of school, they were not even estimated to outlive me. I was not okay with these stats. A new passion was birthed in me and I had to do something.

Over the next few years I would be trained, certified and become passionate about helping others. My longings had come full circle from since I was a child.

Today, I get to do what I was made to do each and every day. I help empower busy adults (and my family) to integrate healthy living into their everyday lives. And I get to help them accomplish this in simple changes over time.

With a nursing background as well as training in homeopathy and other holistic approaches to wellness, I can help people integrate the right tools in their lives to help them achieve their desired transformation.

I help people look at their whole health in regards to their mind, body and soul. You can not reduce a health problem to one factor such as “physical or psychological”. You must acknowledge that the body is made up of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects that collectively work together. I help define a person’s health in conjunction with their own biological make up and help give them tools to reach transformational success.

My current certification is from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. I have volunteer ongoing training through the Institute for Functional Medicine for continued learning in the ever changing world of nutrition.  I continue to build relationships with Medical and holistic practitioners here in Austin, TX and am so thankful for the wealth of knowledge from many experts that help to shape and give support for my clients.

I believe everyone needs a health coach, including me. Today, I have given you 5 reasons to consider a health coach for your life. It is an investment you will not regret. You are made for a purpose and your health matters.

    1. There are TOO MANY MYTHS to Navigate

      There are too many myths around nutrition and a health coach’s job is to guide you through those myths. As a health coach, I am trained in over 100 different dietary theories. I am also trained with the most integrative information on nutrition.

      Nutrition is always changing and so it is important to get to know your own biological make up in order to navigate what is right for your body type. I will deconstruct the myths we are surrounded with and help you to live by truth that will empower you to reach your goals for a lifetime.


    1. You want to reach Transformation

      A health coach knows how to help you reach transformation. Many diets may seem to help in the short term, but that doesn’t create longterm transformation. You have to understand your body and what your nutritional needs are.

      Each potential client fills out a health history form and sits down for a free consultation. The health history plays a key role in understanding your body.

      As a health coach , I will walk you through your personal health history and help you discover your biological needs. It frees you from following a diet that may or may not be healthy for you. I make it simple and more empowering for your personal journey.

      One person’s pleasure could be another person’s poison. I help you navigate the right foods and lifestyle that will address your whole health. In health coaching, you gain the tools to deconstruct cravings, deal powerfully with stressors, navigate the right foods and approach life gradually for longterm success.


    1. You want to address your Whole Health

      Disease and illness are a part of our day whether we want to believe this or not. As your health coach, I will help you look at your whole health in order to reach your optimal health no matter what your condition is.

      I divide foods into two categories: Primary and Secondary foods. Primary foods have to do with your lifestyle: Relationships, emotional and physical stressors, Spirituality, career and finances.  Secondary foods involve the food and drinks that you consume on a regular basis.

      I have an integrative approach and work with local doctors and practitioners to help others reach healing and wellness. With any health change a person makes, the journey should be safe and best for their body, mind and spirit.

      The health of your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental state equals your whole health. I will help you navigate all of these areas and teach you how to live a life continually moving towards whole health.


    1. The way you think affects the way you live

      A coach will help you retrain the way you think which will retrain the way you live. All of us have a relationship with food. Our primary foods or lifestyle often speak into that relationship.

      Often our mindset with food or health goals looks more like accomplishments at the end of a finish line. But this mindset produces a guilt and failure mentality. We attach our finish line goals to our worth and value as a person.

      I help people make gradual changes over time and establish a mindset that stands more like a lighthouse.  When a ship is at sea, lost and tossed in the waves, a lighthouse is a beacon of hope for them that guides them to the right shore.  I help people establish a mindset that offers truth and hope to navigate their health for the longterm.


  1. Making space for your health will lead to longterm success

    As a health coach, I am your ally and that is a game changer when it comes to empowering you with lifetime tools for success. We all need help and go through seasons of change.

    The goal with health coaching is not to get you to perfect health, but rather empower you with tools you can integrate into your daily life that will always lead you towards health.

    It is important within our busy lives to learn how to make space for our health. Many of us are “too busy” and simply don’t think about our health until we are diagnosed with an illness or get sick.

    With health coaching, you sign up for a 3 or 6 month program. This allows for gradual changes overtime. The changes you decide on are made with a new mindset that will help deconstruct the old mindsets or myths that have held you back for years.

    Health coaching creates the space and time for you to learn new ways of living healthy in the midst of your busy life. It also allows space for failure so that the myths and lies can be exposed and dealt with.

    The programs are tailored to your needs and in the end are not dependent on me, but rather leaves you empowered to live differently.


Whether your story is similar to mine or you simply have some health goals that you have not been successful with, contact me here for a free health consultation and let me help you! Interested in becoming a health coach yourself? Check out more info here.

“Kimberly has redefined what health truly means for our family. We have grown in confidence in proactively caring for the health of our family in our day to day living and have been empowered to be an active participant in our medical care when needs arise.”

Theresa Ausin, TX

“Working with Kimberly gave me a new perspective on how food fits into my life. I knew healthy eating should be a “lifestyle” but is was too daunting for me to actually put into daily practice.  She coached me on how to make a healthier lifestyle my reality…and one that I enjoy!”

Jennifer Austin, TX




Kimberly Stewart
Kimberly Stewart

I am a wife, mom of 4, friend and neighbor and understand how hard it can be to implement health in our busy lives! I am an Integrative Holistic Health Coach and passionate about empowering others towards wellness in their everyday lives!