10 Simple Tips To Slowing Down

As a health coach, I separate food into two categories- Primary and Secondary foods. Primary foods involve things like, our relationships, our exercise or spirituality. While Secondary foods involve the foods and drinks we put into our bodies.

Primary foods can trump the best routine of foods we put in our bodies on a weekly basis. And yet, primary foods are often the very things we sacrifice for the sake of getting things done in our life.

Today I want to propose to you a few problems we all experience. We live in a world were we can connect with anyone, and yet it is so easy to feel disconnected from the people closest to us.

We have more tools to simplify tasks and accomplish more things, yet our to-do lists have never been longer. Life is short and time flies, especially in today’s fast-paced world.

I don’t want to spin in that reality. I don’t want my clients or family to spin in that reality. Here are some simple tips to help you slow down and consider what is most important today.

Try one or two a week and see what works in your rhythms. I would love to hear any tips that work for you in your own life.

1. Take the time to prioritize daily objectives

By focusing on the most important tasks to get done, we eliminate the hustle and stress of trying to accomplish everything in one day. Ask family and friends to help you if you are feeling that everything is important.

Write these objectives down. Simplify things in your day, say no and trust that everything is not meant to get done today.

2. Cut personal internet use by half

Technology has become a major part of most of our lives. It will often lead our minds to lose focus and wander through hundred of topics, thoughts and ideas that re-prioritize our days.  Cutting our internet time can help us slow down by eliminating the tension of thoughts.

Start by shutting it down an hour before your bed time. Then reduce it more by starting your day with something other than your email or texts. Schedule your internet time rather than letting it schedule your day.

3. Enjoy Nature and take a scenic route

Take breaks to be outside. Take notice of the sky, trees and flowers around you. See how every part of it is ordered perfectly and let it demonstrate to you something bigger than yourself. We are meant to see and enjoy the nature around us.

Look up hikes in your area and take one each week or month. Drive home a different route that would allow you to enjoy a sunset or large trees.  Walk for 5 minutes during your break.

4. Chew your food

A lot of us tend to speed through meals- missing textures and flavors.  Did you know that chewing your food actually signals your brain to signal your stomach to get ready for digestion?

When we swallow our bites our body doesn’t have enough time to signal to us that we are full or to digest our food without thinking we are in a stressful state. Chewing your food 10-20 times before swallowing will help you slow down but it will also improve your digestion and allow you to enjoy your food in new ways.

5. Set the meal around the table with family and friends

How often do you catch up while truly listening and connecting? Put away the TV and cell phones and steer clear of noisy environments. Set the table to enjoy a meal with your family and invite friends to ask engaging questions.

Did you know that the average amount of times a family gets together around the table is less than 3 times in a week? Demonstrate to your children and friends that people are more important than tasks. Ask how someone is doing and truly listen.

6. Make time for yourself

When did you last spend valuable time with yourself? This is not just for introverted people. We extraverted people need time to ourselves as well. Take a night or early morning and think about what you love to do.

Read a new book, paint, watch a favorite movie, try yoga, or cook a new recipe.  Time to ourselves makes us better for others.

7. Give yourself more time

Some of us like to stick to a tight schedule and plan all our daily events. Next time you are jotting down new tasks in your calendar, factor in extra time. This one is something I have to practice with intentionality.

As a busy mother, I always try to get more done in less time. I am finding that giving myself more time actually helps me get done what is most important and I can feel so much better at the end of the day. You are not made to do everything.

8.  Schedule quiet moments

We live in a world of noise. We carry noise in our heads and experience the noise of the world around us. The noise keeps us from hearing what is true. The noise distracts us from the important.

Take time to be still, close your eyes and quiet the noise in your head. Focus on what is true, search for it. Journal your thoughts and breathe deeply.

We will not be able to focus, find truth or engage with others if we do not take quiet moments for ourselves.  The noise will swallow us up and we will not be able to truly hear the important truths for our lives.

9. Make room for fun

Laughter is one of my favorite things to do, but I have to be intentional to find it. Make a list of 5 things you like to do for fun. Choose to do one of them each week.  Work in a garden, read a book, ride a bike or take a cooking class.  Paint a picture,take a canoe on a local lake or go fishing.

Making room for fun in our lives will allow us to eliminate the things that rush us through our daily minutes and demand from us each day.

10. Stretch and Sleep

We forsake our bodies and the sleep it needs for the sake of tasks every day. It is not going to produce a sharper product or accomplish a greater task.

Take the first moment out of bed to stretch your arms and neck. Take a deep breath and breathe. Give yourself an extra 30 minutes of sleep and see how it effects your day.

The way we start and end our day sets the pace for how fast we will run. Remember, we are living a long race of life in this short life, not sprinting through it.  Slow down and enjoy the moments you are given.


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Kimberly Stewart
Kimberly Stewart

I am a wife, mom of 4, friend and neighbor and understand how hard it can be to implement health in our busy lives! I am an Integrative Holistic Health Coach and passionate about empowering others towards wellness in their everyday lives!