#1 Simple Tool to Long Term Health: The Lighthouse Mindset

A Personal Story

Happy New Year! Good morning! It’s a new week! Here comes a new month!

Have you every stopped to think about how many “new starts” we get in our lifetime? As my family and I just entered the new year together, it wasn’t what we had expected. We had a family crisis that hit our home really hard and the new year came and went before we could ever feel it’s graceful gift, make resolutions or get excited about the future.

As we have since found our new way of walking on our journey to healing, I have been able to think more about time, moments and how often we are given new moments to get refocused and move ahead. Even when life hits us with pain or suffering, the gift of a new moment is offered to us on a daily basis.

The Rigid Races that steal our dignity

As I enter back into working with my clients, I am cherishing those moments more than ever. One of the biggest things that both myself and clients experience with a new year is the pressure to get it all figured out and do better at all things than the year before. With this kind of mindset, the new moments are never felt with the mercy that they truly can give.

Add on the January pressures from social media and marketing to start Whole30 diet, sign up for a gym membership, sleep more and eat less dogmatic calls upon our souls and you have a toxic mix for felt failure on the horizon.

As I begin working again, I am so proud of my clients who started last year and have been steadily prioritizing their health in their real life on a daily basis in this new year. For them, the New Year was simply meant to keep going and celebrate.

The Lighthouse Mindset

One of the ways that I help my clients move towards transformation is with the “Lighthouse Mindset”. Often our mindset with food or health goals looks more like accomplishments at the end of a finish line. But this mentality produces guilt and failure. We attach our finish line goals to our worth and value as a person.

I help people make gradual changes over time and establish a mindset that stands more like a lighthouse in their life.  When a ship is at sea, lost and tossed in the waves, a lighthouse is a beacon of hope for them that guides them to the right shore.  I help people establish a mindset that offers truth and hope to navigate their health for the longterm.

Imagine that you are running the race of a diet, exercise program or house cleaning regimen. All of these things are perfectly good things to incorporate into our lives, but often we start these things due to a decision someone else made for us for short term results. And we start this race with a fast pace that interrupts and runs down all of our other rhythms. It won’t last. You are not the failure, this mindset will fail you.

The race for short term results never factors in the long term needs. It ignores the honest reality of our starting points and assumes abilities we can only learn from gradual training overtime. Whether you finish the race, get close or barely last a week, all of us will end up attaching our worth and value to the results of our race. We will either feel like failures or finish the end only to be lost in what to do next to maintain this short term hit of dignity.

What if there was a mindset that would constantly give you hope and steady you in the storm of life to continually prioritize your long term health. What if there was a way to be both vulnerable and courageous with all the pieces of your story and steadily make transformations over time without judgement. This mindset is the “Lighthouse Mindset”.

Implementing the Lighthouse Mindset

Be honest with where you are at, what you need and where you are willing to make changes. It might mean simply drinking more water, going to bed 15 mins earlier than yesterday or scheduling time to do something you actually enjoy. Setting up manageable steps that will lead you to more changes are key in moving towards transformational changes in your life and finding health as a friend rather than an enemy.

Through the weeks of trauma my family and I endured, we got tossed around from our regular rhythms of health, but I never felt like a failure or that I was failing my family. My health is my friend and I have “lighthouse goals” to get me back into the things that will help me most.

I drank water, took naps, read a book and took off work. I allowed friends to care for us with meals rather than feeling like we had to do it on our own. I knew these goals would eventually and gradually lead me back to cooking and caring for myself and family again. This mindset allowed me to embrace pain and let it shape me.

Although trauma will always shape things in a new way for you, it doesn’t have to leave you lost at sea or without a way back to caring for your body, mind and soul. If you are finding this new year to be overwhelming, take some time to look at what is true.

There is a new day, a new week and a new month given to you constantly. Set your goals out to work as a lighthouse to steer you no matter the storm and you will find that health is truly a constant friend  and will never demand from you your life to prove the win.





Kimberly Stewart
Kimberly Stewart

I am a wife, mom of 4, friend and neighbor and understand how hard it can be to implement health in our busy lives! I am an Integrative Holistic Health Coach and passionate about empowering others towards wellness in their everyday lives!